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CRELANDER Ocean Heart LED Knight Backpack

CRELANDER Ocean Heart LED Knight Backpack

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  • LED Display: The motorcycle backpack features a unique LED screen that allows you to upload and change different images and texts using the LOY EYES mobile app. Stand out while riding with personalized messages and eye-catching graphics. 

  • Ozone Function for Odor Control: The backpack comes with an ozone feature that can be activated through the app, effectively eliminating unpleasant odors from your helmet. Stay fresh and hygienic during your rides. 

  • Waterproof hard shell: The streamlined and hard black shell of the backpack ensures long-lasting performance, and the waterproof design of the shell effectively prevents your items from getting wet. Adjustable shoulder strap size; The back is made of breathable material, which is fashionable and comfortable.

  • 【NOTE 1】As for the transportation safety, we do not provide mobile power,backpack only.

  • 【NOTE 2】 If you found any question and problem after receipt the backpack,please contact us for help firstly.

  • 【NOTE 3】 Since this is newly produced, some kind of smell is possible.Please donot worry about it,put the opened backpack in a ventilated and dry place for some times,no flavor. 

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