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CRELANDER 4th Generation Plus LED Backpack

CRELANDER 4th Generation Plus LED Backpack

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【LED Backpack】High-quality Laptop Backpack with LED Full-Color Screen can dynamically display your favorite text pictures and animations.
【Easy to use】1.Plug the backpack into a power bank;2.Mobile download APP;3.Connect WIFI.Every backpack has a manual, don’t worry about not using it.
【Colorful Text and Graffiti】Enter the words you want to say and creative graffiti in the APP to play on the backpack,You can advertise or show love,Details for A+.
【Pictures and Animations】Uploading pictures in the app is as easy as sending an emoji on whatsapp. It can dynamically display GIF.
【High-Quality Laptop Backpack 】15.5 inch Laptop Backpack Waterproof High capacity can meet the needs of daily work and study.  

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