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Crelander Portable UVC LED Light Disinfection Storage Bag

Crelander Portable UVC LED Light Disinfection Storage Bag

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1. EASY TO USE - keep your phones or wallet or clothes or underwear,baby bottlesor any other belonging as you want in 5 minutes. Specially designed UVC LED bag to keep all your accessories or belongings.

2. PORTABLE TO ANYWHERE - You can take it anywhere to use as you want. The bag net weight light to 1.15lb, can be folded to a smaller size, easy to take out. Indoor and outdoor can be disinfected at any time.

3. SAFE AND EFFECTIVE- 260nm to 280nm wavelength, Long-life UVC LED beads service with 10,000 hours life, non-chemical, much safer than mercury lamp. It isn't a cleaning device for Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP).

4. Material: Surface Fabrics is high-quality water-resistant nylon fabric(stronger than cloth), non-fraying stitching, and smooth zippers. Internal Lining is aluminum foil fiber that can reflect the UVC lights. Come with a tray, so that it can sanitize items from 360 degrees surface and bottom. Its tray is easily detachable and washable.It comes with a tray too, it is easily detachable and washable. large size of dimensions: 26*23*16CM

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