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Established in2010, Shenzhen Reborn Technology Co., Ltd has been specialized in design, development and production of high-endsmart consumer electronics and outdoorelectronic products for years.    

The registered trademark "Crelander" (No. 15,097,645) which is our predominate brand, developing and sellingadvanced pad and VR 3D glasses, has generated a great chain of brand effect and won high reputation and increasingly market share after extensive utilization and promotion. 

Other main products, smart tablet PCs, smart home, smart andintelligent wearing and outdoor products, are among one of the best in the industry, covering morethan 30 major national and regional markets in Asia, Europe, North America,Africa. 

Our company, withstrong financial strength, core technology and first-class internationalproduction plants, has been engaged in sustainable development in mainland andworldwide via strict quality control, innovative technology, advancedmanagement and credible service. Corporateaim to create leading brand of intelligent outdoor electronic industry.

Company Core principle- Integrity, diligent, focus

Enterprise Mission –Professional Reborntech., to make our life more fabulous!